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MSI R5870-PM2D1G 3DMark Vantage P-Score 24416

The world record for the highest graphics processing unit clock/memory speed was broken by a renowned overclocker using a system configuration that employed the MSI R5870-PM2D1G for graphics. Calling himself “Deanzo,†the overclocker built a machinery that used a significant quantity of LN2 in order to keep the GPU's heat in check. Normally, the graphics card runs at reference speeds of 850MHz for the clock and of 1200MHz for the memory. Deanzo, using the MSI Afterburner overclocking software, managed to push the speeds at 162.4% of the standard ATI Radeon 5870's normal capabilities, achieving a 3D Mark Vantage score of P24486, as opposed to the P17714 reached under normal running conditions.

The exact speeds at which the overclocker pushed MSI's product were of 1380MHz for the GPU clock and of 1350MHz for the memory. The system that was used to perform the test was composed of an ASUS Rampage II Extreme motherboard, the aforementioned MSI 5870 card, the Dragon F1 Extreme Edition CPU cooler (supplied by KINGPIN COOLING), the Tek9 3.0 GPU cooling mechanism (also from KINGPIN COOLING), and the Blades CAS7 memory modules, which ran at a frequency of 2000MHz. The total storage capability of the rig was represented by a 320GB Seagate Hard Drive and the system was running Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit RC7100 and the ATI 9:11 WHQL â€" FM Approved graphics drivers....

Souce: Guru3D (December 5, 2009)
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