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MSI Radeon 6970, some major issues

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Ok, ive had this card for about 3 months now, and it has probably been more hassle than any other PC components I have ever had.

The biggest issue I have with it is that from time to time it just doesn't post for some reason, I can hear its fans whir up a few times and then it just gives up and the PC doesn't boot. If this happens all I do to fix it is open the PC up and remove the card and just reseat it (put it back into its PCI slot and put screws back in) this always seems to fix it, what might cause this issue?

The second and most annoying issue is that sometimes when booting the PC it boots at 60 or 50% fan speed, and I do not mean in the post operation, after it posts it stays at this speed until the PC is fully booted and I can go into the MSI afterburner software and turn the fan speed down to the 24% it should boot at, then put it back to auto which then proceeds to keep it at that speed. Why might it be doing this?
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My Sapphire does it the same when POST it max out the RPM at 50% for 1-2 seconds. It's not the power issue, it's just when you boot. It runs at full power because the GPU itself controller haven't boot up itself yet too to control the fan and temperature reading.

It's a safe protocol to keep the card from heat surge at boot. My card is fine + overclocking on my HX750.

Try on a 1000watts. it's the same outcome.
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