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MSI Twin Frozr III/OC 7950 3GB Issues/Help

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Im oc'ing this thing finally and need some help understanding a few things. Im using Afterburner for oc.

1) whenever the card is under load the voltage jumps up to 1.25v ilo 0.95v (stock). no matter what the setting is at, it goes up to 1.25. im assuming this is a boost function and the value set is a min?

2) what is the max voltage and approx max oc i can expect from this thing?

3) what is the best way to test stability besides the obvious? kombuster GF OC Test (GL4)?

have this guy http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814127667

ive pushed it up to 1000/1275 @ 1.005v and have issues with bsod's and freezes (stock is 960/1250). all sensors in different programs are all over the place, confused?

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Your link is broken. so not sure what card you have exactly there have been several different MSI Twin Frozr III's that have been released, as well as different batches etc with different PCB's etc... you havn't really told us anything about your card, what drivers your using... you shouldnt even be using afterburner. thats mistake #1. disable that. dont use it for anything. use sapphire trixx. Every card is different... no card is the same for what voltages it is capable of... you need to learn the basics of how to oc a card.. and you would be able to answer all these questions yourself. because the very act of OC'ing a card properly. answers all of these questions for you... start OC'ing one aspect of your card. find its peak before it encounters issues.. such as your Core or Mem, and then move onto the next setting.. always have your Board Power Li +20 I have the MSI Twin frozr III 7950 with catalyst version 13.5 driver package 12.102.3. I've seen people get max voltages of around 1.35, but you probably dont want to run a voltage that high constantly or risk dmg'ing the card. I personally run 1175/1550 with 1.175v and I'm pulling 11.5k Performance 3dmark score. Your voltage sounds a little low for the clocks you set which would probably fix your bsod's / freezing issue. also your board power needs to be set to 20 if its not. Also... personally from one techy to another... my best advice for you that will benefit you more than anything on these forums.. is go back to the roots, spend alot more time researching articles online, you will find you will learn alot more knowledge, stuff you didnt even know you needed to know... Instead of asking specific questions here.. Which you will be lucky if you get legit detailed replies, (like this one) seeing as you just joined in march. have 15 posts, and basically all of them have just been asking for help.. with no giving back to the community. Google is your best friend. use it wisely. and be careful... too many times I've seen people ruin their hardware because their overclocking stuff when they don't even really know how to overclock properly.. they don't even know what the values are they are changing, or why they are set the way they are. Best of luck to you...
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