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MSI will not let me adjust voltage on my HD 4890?

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I downloaded the latest version of MSI afterburner and it will not let me change voltages. I thought you could do this with the HD 4890? Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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non-reference design card. It doesn't have the voltage controller on it.
Ahhhhh... OK. I worked out good anyways. 925 core and 1025 memory so far. 18014 in 3Dmark06. I haven't even had it 24 hours yet, so I'll do some more tweaking when I have time. I tried 950 core and 1050 core and 3Dmark06 crashed right at the end.
All 4890's should have adjustable voltage. Maybe re-install afterburners or try GPU tool
I tried re-installing both the ATI drivers and MSI afterburner. Nothing. I'll look into GPU Tool.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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