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MSI X58M MicroATX MOSFET cooling solution?

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I've ordered the MSI X58M mobo and am waiting for it to arrive, but i read that one issue with it is some people are unable to get over about 3.6-3.8ghz with their i7-920's because the MOSFETs around the cpu socket get too hot and become unstable.

I found multiple copper MOSFET heatsinks of various sizes (by Enzotech) for ASUS and other motherboards, but the way the holes are laid out on the X58M is opposite, so even if it was the same size it wouldn't work.

Is my only option to use the micro heatsinks on each MOSFET? (Like these)?
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*Bump* Anyone? Should this be posted in the Air Cooling forum instead?
Perhaps you could use the those micro heatsinks in conjunction with an Antec SpotCool?
I was thinking the same thing. Direct airflow on to the area would definitely help.
What did you end up doing?
I am about to piece together the same CPU,mobo, and RAM.

What about the IOH? I am thinking about picking up a Thermalright HR-05 / IFX SLI.
i'd be somewhat leery of the x58m... i had a very bad experience with it overheating on a customer build. the bios is quite solid and it can hit very high bclks, but the amount of effort required to keep the mosfets and ioh cool aren't worth it imo. for about the price of the x58m and the thermalright heatsink, you could pick up the rampage ii gene, which overclocks just as well and runs cooler out of the box.
I ended up replacing it with a EVGA X58 SLI Micro, which was $60 more but a much better board overall (IMO). No stability issues.
Hmmm mine is still brand new in box, maybe I should try to sell. I do not need micro ATX anyway. I even have Micro Center Receipt and mail-in rebate. Unfortunately it cannot be returned to Micro Center, they do not allow to return unless defective. In that case it is even exchange.
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