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Got the exact same thing!
When I first put in my RAM sticks it was on slot A1 and B1 (and later A2 and B2) to be dual channel. But it wouldn't boot, everything was on but no picture.
So I thought I had fried my motherboard or something. But then I tried both sticks on B1 and B2 and behold I got picture and it would boot.
Removed my CPU to see if there were any bend pins, I think I saw some but not sure, tried putting everything in place but it still only works with B1 and B2.
Don't see any issues with my daily things and running games, but I'm also curious why this is.
btw I'm using Corsair Valueselect 2133MHz memory. I want to buy some 3000/3200MHz memory but not so sure because of this weird issue.
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