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MSI Z77A-GD55 strange stability problems + gpu problems

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Hey to all!

I am new here - as you can see :) - but I have decided to go with my problem international!
Because forums in my first language were not able to help me, so I was wondering maybe one of you guys had similar problems.

Recently I have bought some new items for my PC, it's i7 3770k, MSI Z77A-GD55, G.Skill 2400mhz CL10 (1.65V). Everything works with GTX 670. The problem is probably related with motherboard, but I am not sure.

When I first built the PC and set everything on "auto" I was getting blue screens during window updates. Prime95 was crashing in few first seconds. Even though everything was set to auto, memory was working on 1.67, everything seemed to be fine but PC was not stable. I have started to set everything manually to static values. Memory 1.65V, CPu 1.23V, I/O to 1...something etc. I have also set CPU to 4500mhz. After that CPU has been stable for almost two weeks now, except one time when I was playing witcher 2 and it closed itself, I have run prime seconds after that and it was unstable, it was crashing in first second. After the reset, everything went back to normal, I can play for few hours, prime can run for few hours - rock stable. That's the first problem with that motherboard.

Second problem is that when my GPU is in the top PCIE slot my 3dmark scores are different every single time. And they are extremally different like 4500 points, 9000 points, 6000 points. But when I put the card in the second slot I get 9800points every time - so normal score.

I didn't update my hardware for a some time now, so maybe there are some misterious settings I am not aware of, although I would doubt it :). I think there is something wrong with either motherboard, CPU or RAM. Now with card in bottom slot, and everything manually set to 4500mhz with static voltage etc, it's stable (except the one time mentioned above). But card in the bottom slot has very little space to "breathe" and I don't like when something doesn't work like I want it to work

I have updated BIOS on motherboard to 1.7, from 1.6, didn't change anything. I hope you guys can give me some feedback on this.
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