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So my asrock z77e itx motherboard has died after a couple weeks of getting a replacement rma motherboard, this is my second board that has died. (They stop POSTing)

SO I will be getting a different z77 mini itx motherboard and see if my computer will post, if it does I will be 100% sure my motherboard is at fault (I know it is, but I am paranoid I guess) and when I RMA the asrock for the second time I will just sell it on ebay because I cannot go another 2 weeks without my computer...

I think the MSI Z77IA-E53 will be just fine for me, it just doesn't have many reviews at all. I will never buy another asrock motherboard so yeahhh, I dont want to pay 200$ for the asus p877i deluxe for a daughterboard that doesn't help anything. And the EVGA stinger has a lot of initial BIOS problems, the gigabyte doesnt overclock much and isnt as tweakable so my only real option is the MSI IMO.

Anyone have this board and what are the pros and cons?


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