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It seems that my motherboard is getting more worse.
Today I had to remove the CMOS battery to get the PC to boot if I load a saved overclock profile, what is up with my pc?!!!

Sorry if this is a duplicate type post from my others...

For the past few weeks ive been having unusual thjngs happen when i load saved bios settings of differdnt overclocks.
Even after reformatting my windows thinking it might be the boot order but it still persists.

The only time it works is if i reset CMOS and start over, then I have re-input the settings anf save and reboot.

Before it never did this, i would just load a saved bios setting for an overclock, save and restart yhen I was back in business, now i either have to switch the psu to off, wait for the power to drain, then I'm able to start.

Is my motherboard crapping out on me?
Ive change the motherboard battery last week but no changes, reformatted and still no change..
Any suggestions on fixing this or an RMA is the next step.

Thanks for your time!
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