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[MTV]‘Resident Evil 5′’s Cinematic Director Made Scenes As Scary, Gory As Possible

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The man responsible for directing nearly 50 cut scenes in “Resident Evil 5″ shed some light on how they were made, and explained how he was influenced by “Metal Gear Solid 4,†“28 Days Later†and “Black Hawk Down.â€


As we know, often video games use cut scenes to push along the plot; in this regard, survival-horror game “Resident Evil 5†is no different. However, the developers at Capcom in Osaka were so captivated by filmmaker Jim Sonzero’s work directing “Wes Craven’s Pulse,†a 2006 remake of Japanese horror movie “Kairo,†that they hired him to craft the cut scenes for their new game.

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RESIDENT Evil 5 Reminded me alot of Black Hawk Down actualy.
The scenes were NOT scary. They were no were near gory. You RARELY saw any blood. Hell they even censored the chainsaw death scene!

Whoever wrote this is blind and out of their mind.
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