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multi display resolution problems CCC 9.11 Help

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Hi everyone. I do not think there is a fix for this issue but I am sure I will have more luck here than dealing with the idiots at AMD support. I went to target on blackfriday and bought a Philips 32 inch 720P (1360x768) LCD TV. It works great and movies look good altho not as good as on my ASUS monitor. 720P seems so inferior when you have been watching blue rays in 1080P for months. Anyway I am using both my TV and monitor together. Most of the time I deactivate the ASUS LCD when I want to do things on the tv but i decided to go ahead and extend the desktop over both displays so i can watch a movie and work at the same time. It works great other than 1 little problem. When I activate the TV as the extended display it trys to force its resolution to 1920x1200 like my Asus Display runs at. Strange enough it does not give an error or disable the tv. the picture however turns out very nasty looking. If i reverse this and use the TV as the primary display it sets my asus to the TVs resolution. The asus has no problem running such a low resolution altho it looks faded or washed out since not at its native.

So here I am with 2 displays and 2 different resolutions. Is there a way I can force each display to run at its native resolution to do away with the screen coruptions or am i stuck with each display trying to clone the others native resolution?

If this can be fixed that would be great. I have spent hours toying with the setting in the catalyst control center with no luck.

Free rep to anyone that can help.
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You should be able to do it in Graphics>Desktop properties, I'm running 1920x1200 primary + 1050x1680 secondry with desktop exrended. There's a pulldown where you select each monitor and set its res, isn't that working for you?
no it forces both displays to operate at the same resolution, its very annoying
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