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Multiple Nvidia Cards

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I have at my side the following:

XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog, 512, 112sp, 256-bit

No accessories, original box

XFX 8800GS Alpha Dog, 384mb, 96sp, 192-bit

All accessories, sans DVI adapter, original box and retail dressing

PNY 8400GS, 256mb, 16sp, 64-bit

Full accessories package, original box (not cool like XFX boxes, but still deserves some brownie points), complete with two low-profile brackets, one of which is a breakaway for the detachable VGA

I am looking at some ballpark figures before shipping, OCN and outside sales. The two 8800 series cards are less than 6 months old, and the 8800GS has been folding up until last week via BenBrown (thanks for putting her to good use, again). Neither XFX card has been registered, so the double-lifetime warranty still stands. The 8400 was used in a first-generation PCI-e Gateway box for 1 week.

Depending on generated demand, I am looking to put these cards up for sale in the next week, possibly less.

EDIT: Probably not in the cards whatsoever, but I would definitely entertain a trade if someone wanted to relinquish an HD4850 for say, one 8800 of choice and the 8400. Don't hesitate to let me know what all viable options are for these said video cards.
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XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog, 512: 75 + ship OCN, 95 + ship other

XFX 8800GS Alpha Dog, 384mb:50 + ship OCN, 60+ ship other

PNY 8400GS, 256mb: 20 + ship OCN, 35 + ship other
8800gt = 80USD + 1/2 shipping.

Rest I can't help ya with, not a clue what the others are worth.
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