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Music downloads?

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OK so, I mgiht be getting an MP3 player soon, but I need to know the cost of the music first! So I have a couple questions about all of these music donwload sites:
How much do I pay per song using Real Rhapsody?
Can I download MP3s using iTunes? (What's with this .AAC business?)
Can I use these services with my blazing fast 26.4kBps connection?
What service has the best price? Walmart, Yahoo, iTunes, Real....
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You can get music from rhapsody and itunes for about 50p- 1 pound a track these days and AAC is the itunes compression method for Sound files and is also encrypted to prevent copying and such.
free if u play your cards right.......

Originally Posted by farmboy30

free if u play your cards right.......

Thats called illegal if your reffering to filesharing which i do not reccomend as the Fine is rather large and the custodial sentance isnt always that friendly.
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Napster is actually pretty good. You pay by the month but you can get as much as you want I think...
I think I'm going to go with the Walmart one, there's no mothly fee and its just $.88 per song! I can only download songs in WMA format, though. Oh well, I don't think that will matter.
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