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[MWave] $0.59 Thermal Paste - FS

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MASSCOOL STARS-420 white thermal grease compound 0.5 gram for $.059 with free shipping!
Get yours here
And for $0.59, why not?
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I got mine for 99cents shipped (got 6?)...used it the other day for a rig for my MOM on an ancient 775 P4 (bought for this specific purpose/s)+ stock mod intel hsf (took out the plastic push pins PIAs and replaced with custom fit screws from HD and McMaster) and it kept it at 30c idle in bios...not bad although I accidentaly gooped 4x the amount needed but reused the syringe to suck all the extra goop. The viscosity and luminosity reminds me of AS5 but this was clearly more liquid. /// note to self : gentle on the syringe
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