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The mount setup looks great - sort of suits the case...!

However - while it looks neat, from a technical perspective it will not function well at all.
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Didnt really see any performance gain
You will not really see much gain at all if you are relying on air flowing up through the internal rad then through the case and up through the outside rad.

First of all - you will be blowing already warm air out of the case into the second rad and more importantly, the majority of air will be spilling out the sides rather than flowing through the external rad due to the huge gap you have between the case and the outer rad. Air will take the path of lowest resistance and with your current setup that is out the sides rather than through the outer rad.

Stacking rads is considered a bad idea from a performance perspective as you we generally prefer to force feed the coolest possible air into the rads.

So at the moment your outer rad is simply an ornament and is pretty much doing nothing much at all - which explains your findings above.
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