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My case mod [Pic inside]?

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Hey guys I'm curious about something, you see, I'm painting a case the inside black with a can of colorplace spray paint. Black ( Gloss ), but i have my concerns. Can doing this cause the paint to be set on fire by the heat coming out of the motherboard? hard drives? Ive seen other paint there cases but im just curious.

Edit, Alright I'm done. Here are the pictures hope you guys like it
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You will be fine, there is not enough heat coming off of your components to cause a fire.

Lets see some pics when your done!
Don't worry about it. Your parts would be dead if they got that hot...
Yo, Doc!

You're golden, Bro.

Flashpoint is waaaaay up the heat-scale. No worries insofar as your painting plans.
all i can say is it won't be pretty, its missing all of its panels, but i will post pictures when im done for sure.
posted new pictures i hope you guys like them
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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