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My case top

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I am still atleast a month away from being finished, but this looks so cool I had to show you guys. The lighting effect far exceeds my expectations. Maybe in another week or so I can start putting my loop together and testing for leaks. let me know what you think.

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very nice looks a bit messy but i guess thats just the perspex protective layer which u peel off later i like the lighting it will go well and i loof forward to seeing the rest of it
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Hey I like the louver look of that....
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I can't claim the credit for the louver design, it was inspired by another mod. I wanted to do something different when it came time to cut the fan grill, but I couldn't come up with anything else that I liked
Add some more LED insert points and the lighting will look more even?
I was just holding a little LED flashlight at one end, I have big plans for the lighting. I already have hole drilled for the HD LED, and Power LED. I'm going to get a LED case fit kit, and use the LEDs to light in different patterns.
Yeah that will look sharp with some embedded LED's...
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It is gonna gonna look great, as I said before... Way beyond my expectations. Thanks guys, I will post more pics as things progress.
What color leds will you be using? And how many?
I haven't totally figured that out yet. The main color is going to be red, because of my color scheme, but I am thinking about getting a few sets of lighted case feet in different colors red, blue, green and UV. The sets use 4-5mm LEDs and can flash in different patterns. plus the power LED and HD LED are in there too. This way I can light it to suit my mood, or just show off. plus the fans are red too. Also I am going to make my own power button and light it too. Now that I think about it, I have a question... Can I run 2 LEDs off of the power LED jumper on my mobo, or is that not a good idea?
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