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Hey, ive been wanting to take shots of my setup, now i actually had time / motivation to do it.

I finally mounted my Z-5500's on the ceiling, cleaned off my desk, and am now good to go.

This is how the box arrived with my speakers. Pretty damn banged up. The speakers make it out alright though.

Here is a comparison shot of my hat and the sub and the pod. Its HUGE.

This shot is both my and my roommate's setup's.
His comp:
Cooler Master Centurion 590
Asus Mobo
Evga 9800GTX
G.Skill Pi Ram
2x 22" Gateway Monitor's
VX Revolution Mouse

Few more random shot's for ya.

My Spec's Are Below

Besides the wires behind the desk, what do you think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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