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My Dead Space review

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Since I have now finished the game, I feel it deserves a review.

Story line: 8/10
Dead Space was immersive and startling. I enjoyed its story line alot. It had a different feel to it than most games. Each mission directly relates to the story line, instead of feeling like your doing everything for nothing.

Game play: 9/10
I personally really liked the game play. The 3rd person view isn't normally something I like. However, It wasn't an issue in this game. I REALLY enjoyed the fact that you NEED to collect ammo, credits, and power nodes. This really helped to immerse you right into the game, since you will run low on ammo and health and WILL die without them. The shops were nice, since sometimes you wont find med packs or much ammo. The "bench" is a futuristic weapon/suit upgrading machine, which is essential to the game since you will need to upgrade your suit and weapons or they become useless later on. Certain abilities such as stasis and kenisis, pull you away from most shooters, and throw you into a RPG-ish game feeling. Zero gravity is fun, and adds strategy to the game.

The enemies in the game are your general zombie/aliens, but with a bit of a twist. The fact that you have to dismember the enemy to effectively kill them is something most shooters don't have. You will find that not all of them are just undead alien creatures, but have a radical personality twist.

Graphics: 7.5/10
The graphics were a let down. I was expecting some really detailed textures and good shader usage. I played the game with the highest settings, but It gave me a 2006ish graphical feeling. The graphics really aren't bad, I just felt that they could have been better. Blood/Gore, and alien/zombie textures were pretty good however. Antialising, where did you go? The game is jagged and rough, and forcing in in CCC doesn't work.. This is the biggest graphic flaw of the game.(The game is a port, but they should have re-did some settings for the pc)

Sound: 7/10
They didn't bring anything new or exciting to the game with sound. Weapon sounds are generic. The music helps with the suspense, that is basically the only positive thing the sound brings.

Overall: 8.3/10 Its worth playing in my opinion.


Im upset with the ease the game had on medium. The necro's, that dont die were not used NEARLY enough in the game (atleast on this difficulty) They really brought out the scary and adrenaline rush feeling when your traped in a room with one of those guys and you have to run your skinny as$ out of there our your F'ked.

The boss fight at the end was too easy. I think if they would have thrown in the alien that doesn't die in that little area so you had to focus on disabling him and trying to dodge those tenticles, while killing the boss it would have made it more intense.

The religious part of the game creeped me out. I felt like I was listening to the leader of a cult give a speech.

Did anyone else JUMP at the end???
Jesus I nearly pee'ed myself!

Zero gravity was my favorite part. I loved that so much!!! It felt resident evil having the aliens fly at you in slow mo
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I heard good thing about this game. I cant buy it now cause i already spend 100$ with Far Cry 2 and fallout 3
LOL slow mo aliens are now in resident evil? WHERE my RE4 only has fking cultists, dogs, and those stupid villagers that like bullets to the face and welcome them with the amount they take. but still a good review, i am not sure about you, but i did pee a little when that ending scene came up. i was like "Ok, it's over. wait what the *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*" -_- yeah, i'm a pus like that
Dead Space is the best game out this year, IMO.
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