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My E6600 OC results

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So, what do you think?

3.63g at 1.408 volts
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Good overclock, but that little guy can go a lot farther on water (so can the DS3, 965P, and G.Skill memory). Go for 450Mhz+!
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How? I cant get it to go much higher. What voltage, memory timings, etc.?
Loosen the memory timings to say 6-6-6-18, and then increase the northbridge, southbridge, and memory voltage. Your CPU voltage should be good to go to 450Mhz (my E6400 can do 450Mhz at 1.3625V)
Alright, I'll post back tomorrow. Im not home right now.
i hate u guys. i want one of those so bad, but i wanna wait till more chipsets come out. plus i'd have to do a complete system upgrade. im spec'n about $1000 once i get everything in order
I finaly saw one of those things in action this weekend and I must say I was very impressed, even though it wasn't oc'd. Someone figure out how to overclock time so i can get my c2d rig built quicker!!!
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No go, it wont even boot at 420mhz...
Nice overclock. I noticed I could clock around 3.6 solid as well but after a couple of days temps came up to much!! I can hit 70c on full load with Water Cooling! I am trying to reduce the temps without opening my windows in my room cause it is cold as hell.
I have the Swiftech H20-120 Premium, as stated in my specs.
That seems way too high of a temp man, throttle back a little till you get better cooling.
Going to unfortunately. Not dropping the coin on a phase... How long have you been running temps that low?
Forever, what cooling setup do you have?
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