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So, I decided to write this as I was very hesitant to send my RAM back to them in Taiwan, and I haven't really seen many experiences of other people so I figured this could help some people.
Recently, I bought some used Delta RGB RAM sticks for a suspiciously low price. When I got them, they didn't work with my Ryzen system, with unlimited errors in Memtest. I also noticed they used Hynix A-Die. I contacted their RMA service, and responded very quickly with an RMA form that was easy to fill out. They didn't really care if I wasn't the original owner, and didn't ask for any proof of purchase. After that, they gave me an RMA number and an address to send my kit back to in Taiwan. I needed to pay for the postage there, but it wasn't too much money. I sent it off, and got a new kit after a while. Now unfortunately, this isn't the end of my experience. The RAM still didn't work with my system, and I was beginning to think it was compatibility, even though I've seen others with this kit in a Ryzen system with no issues, and the company had assured me that it is compatible. I also noted it was still using the Hynix memory. I contacted them and I got a response from the same person, who was very friendly. They wanted me to send it back to them again, and they paid for postage there this time. After less than a week, I got another kit back. This time, it completely worked with my system. But I also noticed the kit was now using Micron memory. I don't know a lot about the different memory types, but it seemed to work now that it was using Micron memory. I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised by Team Group's RMA service. They reply quickly, and their support people are very friendly. Even though the RAM didn't work at first, to be honest, I can't fault it as I did buy it second hand. As for the RAM, it works flawlessly, and if you were to buy it now, it'd probably work with Ryzen. I don't know if the change to Micron memory is a new thing or what. But I still would recommend Team Group and their products. If you are hesitant to send you products to Taiwan for an RMA, just do it. You won't regret it.
Hopefully this helps some people,
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