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My experiences with a quad and duo

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After installing the mobo and quad and booting it up, I couldn't believe how fast and beautiful a quad is. The CPU is more snappier than my old one. (Granted it wasn't a E8400). I could multitask four programs at once. Two virus scans, installing a program and listening to music on Youtube without any slowdowns.

There are downsides though:temps and vid.
Temps: mild usage (high 30's to low 40's) I have not stressed it yet.
Vid: 1.2375 My cousin's same quad has a vid of 1.1500.

Thanks for reading.
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What was your old CPU?

I ask because I can multitask four programs at once, run an antivirus scan (I only have one, which is recommended), install a program and listen to music without any slow downs as well.

RAM is part of that though.

Anyway, congrats on your new quad dude.

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Originally Posted by intelfan View Post
It was an E4500 overclocked to 3.2Ghz.
When I played Cod4 and ran a virus scan, it stuttered really badly. I had to pause the scan or set the affinity and set the priority to high.

As for the two virus scans, it's one virus scan and one spyware scan. AVG and Spybot.
something is up with your cpu

i can run a game, download, scan/defrag, transfer something, or run an ecoding at the same time.
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