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Speaker Repair/Modification/Cone+Cone Side replacement can be easily done, I started off watching youtube videos and yeah, it looked easy and was easy to do.

Hardest part I rekon was cleaning up the speaker from all the old glue, I;m not a patient guy so this part was the most annoying part.

we talking about assembling a speaker from scratch here
Once I had the parts, voice coil, spider(s), cone and Speaker Lead Wire for connection from terminals of speaker to voicle coil.
It was just glue and done.

Having the the white thing helped me position the voice coil and allowed me to have precise control over how far the voice coil sits inside the speaker.
A Ideal should have the voice coil sitting half way from hitting the bottom of the magnet and before the coil moves above the top of speaker magnet.
I made markings with a marker from voice coil sitting at touching bottom of magnet postion and one at just before coil goes up and leaves the magnet then measured half way

For the modification part, it was just bascally chosing the best voice coil out there, chosing the right stiffness of spider, or getting duall layer of spiders, then chosing a paper cone with weaving shape cone side.

I heard that paper cone with a weaving shape cone side yeilds best sound quality. And after trying my self I have to agree

Note that if you use hard spiders or duall layer. Then your speaker will be stiff, It may be good at low frequenies but may produce weried sounds, because it is too stiff and it cannot produce the low level sounds.

For speaker coils, you need the right diameter and right thickness, some speakers use 2 layers or 4 layers of copper

Just like a brand new speaker after the speaker is glued together it should be burnt in, using something like
This allows the speaker cone and spider to break in, thus improves the ability of the cone to move and will improve sound quality.
One of my speaker had weired sounds(I used a harder spider), but once breaked in it sounded exilient

If you want to do the same to a speaker and have some quesitons about it don't hesitate to ask me.
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