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My first build

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I just put together my first computer!! And aside from having to get another mobo (I't came doa) it's up and running now. But my video card, a Evga 6800GS, didn't come with the power hook-ups. It will let me load up WIN XP but it has a message that says the graphic card is turnned down to keep it from messing up. The guys at evga are sending me the power cable, but I just want to know is this card any good or should I get another one? I was also thinking about getting a second card to go SLI, but if the gains aren't enough there wouldn't be a point. Also my Aquamark score is like 13,000, but everyone with the same set up as me has way bigger numbers. If someone could help with my understanding then I can upgrade, all my stuff is on a 30 day no questions asked return policy.
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Your videocard specs are lower than normal because you don't have the vga power supply cable, so your system automatically slows down your vga, and of course your aquamark score is low, you should get about 30k+.
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