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My first dead (or stuck?) pixel!

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Been using LCDs for a few years now. Started with a 22", then got a couple 19" for other PCs, a 21", and now my 26"

One of my older 19" Hanns G's has a red pixel on the top left. I only use it for hooking into my router or windows server if I can't handle an issue remotely, so it's not a huge deal since I don't game or watch movies or anything on it, but I would like to fix it if I can.

I've heard something about massaging a pixel or something along those lines.

The pixel is red, it still glows and everything. So I don't think that's 'dead', so it sounds more like 'stuck'.

Any advice?

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Tap it. Not to hard, but seriously give it a tap or flick it. Some people also say rubbing and applying a bit of pressure works but I've had personal first-hand experience getting a stuck green pixel to work again by flicking it.

This got a red pixel mostly unstuck after an overnight run of it. My monitor's bright-red eyesore started responding about 80%. A few months of CS:S, and it's gone.
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I have had luck with the massaging method.
I've had good luck freeing a red stuck pixel with the flick method. I used a monitor wipe folded about 4 times, placed it over the pixel and gave it a flick. My friend was pretty impressed and said it was stuck for about a month.
how long do you have to flick it for, cause mine has a red dot (might be from manufacturing, because my parents monitors from the same company have a red dot in the same place, as well as multiple reviews saying that there is a red dot in the same location that i have). If there is a fix for it, then that would be great, if not, it is fine, cause I dont notice it any more anyways.
Sometimes you just can't fix them, and sometimes you can. My Samsung SyncMaster 226BW came with 2 stuck pixels and a messed up division between two pixels (the tiny line between the actual pixels, there's no black there so a tiny bit of white always shows through). After trying the flicking, heating, massaging, and screenflashing methods, the glaring middle of the screen stuck pixel fixed itself, the other one became much more subtle but still exists. the gap is obviously still there. Good luck.
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