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My first go at overclocking seems ok. I'd like your opinions.

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Hi guys,

I have a few P4 2.8ghz HT (lga775) CPUs and only use 1 of them so decided to OC it on my Asus P5P800. I tried 2 stages and got the following results:

Original: 2.8ghz
Overclock: 10%
Overclocked: 3.06ghz
Idle Temp: 38º
Gaming Temp: 48-52º


Original: 2.8ghz
Overclock: 20%
Overclocked: 3.36ghz
Idle Temp: 42º
Gaming Temp: 52-62º

Now, what i'd like to know is, are the 20% results too high? I know 42º is ok but it shoots to 50-60 during gaming, and was wondering if it would be dangerous if i left it on the 20% all the time ...

I have a large Thermaltake Cooling Tower which costs quite a bit and is bloody good for me, but i'd like your opinions please

What do you think?

Many Thanks
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