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Just paid off the truck and all debt besides the house so the wife and I decided to build a tricked out custom pc lol. Wanted to do it all ourselves so im sure we made a few mistakes but here it is!

i9 9900kf delided in a Aorus pro wifi motherboard at 5.2ghz 1.42v
RTX 2080 evga ftw3 hydrocopper(have had this for a while actually, got it for 520 bucks new in March!)
16gb patriot viper steel 3600mhz ram
1tb sabrent nvme ssd - 2tb hdd - 500gb 850 evo ssd

bykski intel waterblock(couldnt pass it up at 20 bucks and it keeps the 9900kf cool)
2 x 420mm phobia radiators with noctua NF-P14 fans.
Used all barrow fittings with Mayhem tubing and mayhem UV blue premix

I'm sure im forgetting some things but this is the basics of it. Enjoy some pics! 2 of the pics I was cleaning the loop before adding the uv dye mix, so please ignore the lopsided reservoir lol. My 6 month old Maine coon wanted in the shot as well.


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