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Hey thought I'd post this here aswell. Seems like a good idea. Anways here goes:

My first card has got the mcw60 on it which you can see in my project build. The second card will have the apogee on it, when it's ready to go in my loop.

Here's some pics for you guys, hope you enjoy

the stuff I used: sekesui thermal tape, couple of 80mm Zalman F1 fans and some old heatsinks.

Took the original plate off and modded another (spare mcw60 G200 Plate I think) that I had. Heatsink of the Apogee GT slightly bigger than the GPU which is good.





Here is what I got so far:








As you can see it's coming along quite nicely, only thing left is to add the fan (still thinking about how to do that) I just hope this works, it actually took longer than expected but my dremel tool was very handy

If you look at how I did my first card, I attached two 40mm fans, I actually took them off and attached a single 80mm fan. I bought 2 80mm Zalaman F1 fans that are pretty good and considering the case I have it will be tough adding the second fan on the second card and have room for my pump. I guess time will tell, hopefully I should add my second card tonight.

By the way I know it looks ugly as hell, but actually because im using the second slot on my mobo you can't really tell.

Anyways day 2

Well it all started off one GTX 460 and the SB cpu in my loop, As soon as I bought my second card and installed it with the stock cooler my overall temps increased. The airflow in my case is terrible and I couldn't really wait to put my second card under water. My first card has the Swiftech MCW60 which performs really well, under load in furmark it never went above 45c. My first intention was to get another one but I had a Apogee GT CPU block from my old rig that was collecting dust.

Well I thought why not try and see if I can put it to good use, I mean if it didn't work then I could always get the block I wanted for it anyway but patience paid off and I took the plunge.

Continue from the pics above here it is finished.





As you can see I had to make a couple of changes. The grey heatsinks were just too high to mount the fan.

Installed the card, redid my entire loop and now here are the results

1st card Swiftech MCW60 idles - 27/26c

2nd card Apogee GT idels - 22/23c

Here are my temps with OCCT for a couple mins.


9c difference between the two blocks

Thanks you for looking at my mod and I'll be sure to posts some more benchmarks soon.

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Before you go ahead and order some waterblocks for your gpu, stop and think about how you could use your old waterblocks. I modded this Apogee GT CPU block and it performs better than my dedicated gpu block
Just something to think about, with summer temps, this could be the ideal solution

EDIT: I got a apogee GTZ CPU block that I'll be modding for a non reference 480 hopefully soon. I'll try and post a pic's soon
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