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My HD @[email protected]

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WD 250gb SATA I i believe. 8mb cache. single drive.

those numbers really suck huh?

im plannin on switching to two 74gb raptors i got from my cousin. how much performance gain u think id get? raid 0.

should i use the raptors? or should i use these 500gb's i got

WD 500gb 8mb cache in raid 0

samsung 500gb 8mb cache in raid 1

i know these numbers really suck but thats all i got =[

i missed the caviar blacks on BF. they were sold out before i knew it =[ now no money after buying camera X_X lol
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My Blacks did this when a power regulator went bad on my board. At least, I hope that's what the issue was.
but it seems like thats the speed of these harddrive i got are tho. even the raid ones.. 8mb cache.. raid should multiply the original speed by how many drives there are.. 2 drives.. 120 / 2 = 60mb/s considerably slow compared to all these new drives T_T

heres my seagate 1.5tb. numbers are better than raided 500gb's by itself. but no way in heck am i gonna make a 1.5tb into OS drive. or short stroke it. got these 1.5's for storage @[email protected]
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Those are some ewwww minimums.
Those raptors should be a significant improvement over what you have there.

This is two 74's on a P6T Deluxe (not mine):

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so lookin at a 3x speed increase or something like that if i raided those...

heres a hdtune benchmark of raided raptors. think thats good?
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Access time is nice.
Have you tried making the HDTune block size = stripe size when you benchmark?
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what does that mean
HDTune > options > benchmark > block size.

Setting the block the size = to the stripe size of the RAID 0 array seems to give the best HDTune benchmarks.
iunoe what the stripe size was. i set it to optimal
Optimal is either 64 or 128 kb but I would just try different block sizes in hdtune until it coughs up the best numbers. Yay trial and error! You might also try shutting down all unecessary applications when running hdtune - it looks like something was calling on the drive during the test (9.2 MB/s dip).
set a drive as stand alone, and install your os and benchmarking utilities on that, then you can modify your array and still be able to test it. find what is optimal for your hardware/setup. check around for the reviews of your motherboard's raid controller. ICH10R chipsets seem to perform much better too...

do not underestimate the power of a real raid controller...

^ that is with only 6 drives, and the stripe isn't at the beginning of the drive, but is close
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