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I have spent considerable time tweaking my system as best as possible and come up with this as my stable overclock. Temps in the pic are an in-process prime blend 7 hours in. Linx was a 50x pass.

Had to upgrade to a new cooler to get the overclock stable.

Can boot and run at 4.3 and 4.4, but both are unstable with rounding errors in prime. I just do not think I have the bclock for it.

Motherboard is an ASROCK x58 Extreme. Ram is running at about DDR-1460 7-7-7-20-59-1T.

Had the voltage down another 2 clicks but failed prime after some hours.

Using a Thermaltake Frio cooler with AS5.

Looking for comments on temps. HT is off. Just do not need the extra heat for gaming.

To me the interesting parts were I fooled with every voltage setting for days and really nothing proved more stable at higer voltages except for vcore. VTT at 1.20 seemed to work best.

I think I am just at a wall with this cpu for 100% stability. I know I could bench at 4.4 easily, but prime stability just does not seem to be possible.

Any insight?

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