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Hello all, I'm back again for another project. This time I'm doing an ITX build with the EVGA Hadron Air.

I am a little short on time but thought I'd kick this off to start.

Parts list:

EVGA Hadron Air

Asrock Z87E-ITX Mobo

i5 4670K Intel CPU

EVGA GTX 770 SC ACX 2GB (02G-P4-2774-KR)

Noctua NH-C14 Cooler

8GB Corsair Vengance LP memory 9-9-9-24 (CML8GX3M2A1600C9)

Black Paracord Sleeving from FTW PC

Anyway, on to the pictures....

I never knew how good of quality these asrock boards were until I received this. I'm very impressed with how solid the board is and well thought out (plenty of room for cooler mounting :)

Prepping for blacking out


Blacked out, and installed

....And a few teaser photos. I found out, (while I was waiting for Lutr0's paracord sleeving tool) that you can use the insert of a pen with some tape around it and it really helps with threading in a pinch.


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Looking good, nice touch with the stealthy backplate!

Let us know what the temps are like once it's ready, as I've seen another owner using an ACX-style graphics card and was seriously considering one myself for a while. I think perhaps I'll end up going for the reference design of the 780, but another build to compare temps with is always useful

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Thanks! I black out all of my backplates as I hate the goofy color system lol.

Count on it. My cooler and Ram should be coming this week.
I plan to capture stock cooling as well as new Noctua heatsink. If the temps aren't where I want them I may look at getting noctua's/phanteks/gelids for the exhaust as well.
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