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My new setup.

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Swiftech Apogee water cooling
-Apogee w block
-mcp655 pump
-mc60-r g80 block for 8800gtx<-getting tomorrow in the mail.

-swiftech 120mm rad w 3/8" fittings

-DD Black ice ext II 240 rad w 1/2" fittings

-1/2"ID tubbing exept on the GPU and swifty rad.<-3/8"id
Air flow.
-1front intake 120mm cooler master.
-1side window " " " " "
-1 pull 120mm behind the swifty rad
-2 masscool 54cfms push on BIX240 rad
-2 85cfms pull that im waitig for.
thanks ira-k

pelt-245watt pelt, powered by Ultra 325watt ps in the 5.25"drive bay. Is undervolted to is more like 150watts pelt.
the rest see my info below
drawing of setup:

the mess


lapted e6600

wb and pelt w thermal greese and ceramique

gluing the componets together

the block

back of case, this is after the lacker-comformal dryed




Right now my temps arent as impresive as i expected:
13C idel/35C full load-stable

this is from 35-50c with water cooling alone
this is with about 30C ambient temp

I think my temps are like that for several reasons:
#1-i didnt apply preassure to pelt. just glued it on. unable to all components 50x50mm
#2-the restriction the 120mm rad makes in water flow
#3-too small a peltier-just 150 undervolted
#4small rad/fans cfms

tomorrow ill see how it does with the 8800gtx/panaflo fans/and overclocked.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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