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My new sexy sound setup!! M200MKII's :P

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I asked enough questions here about these, so i thought you guys deserve seeing this
, not as good as other people's setup here, but i'm so in <3

My b-day just passed not too long ago, got a few bucks and along with tax returns.. i decided to upgrade my computer "yet" again.. This time, the main chassis isn't touch!! I debated long and hard between this and a Core i7 upgrade.. but i opt with this :lol:

Swans M200MKII Active Monitors.

Box Looks like **** when it arrived
, not be mention FedEx did a horrible job shipping it.. was delayed two days -_-

Upon opening, the inside packaging is a whole different story.. you know these arn't your typical speakers when they're wrapped in silk bags, plus you get cotton gloves so you don't smudge the casing

Obviously they're designed for women.. i nearly tore them putting it on xD

Out of packaging, what a work of art. Walnut wood accents ftw!

Behind the monitors view

Close up view of the cones, btw pic is epic.. i should be a photographer

Montiors resting on Auralex Mopads (provides vibration sound isolation from my desk, improves sound accuracy)

Overall view of my desk now, so pretty :wub:

The pure enjoyment, Sound from these are absolutely AMAZING. It's so crisp ^^
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Nice...Remember to burn those in and they should sound better overtime
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Thats a *****en setup. I just blew up my altec lansing acs90's playing source and using the awp with extra bass added, so I'm looking for a new setup, but those look pretty sweet, and a bit chingy $$?

Originally Posted by S2kphile View Post
Nice...Remember to burn those in and they should sound better overtime

Already on it Sir!

Lol i wonder if i qualify for the Speaker Club
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Beautiful, interesting they give you gloves with them, thats a nice touch, im not into the speaker thang, but i can tell there a high quality company just from the way they package there goods, plus those look amazing.
Very nice. How much did they cost?
Nice man, i think you'll be happy with those

Next investment should be a stand alone DAC
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Yep, i'll get a dedicated DAC later on to compliment these.. prob subs too

Made a little video to show off the beauties, sorry it's blurry and shakey, i had macros on

hahah thats sick
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