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My PSU gone mad?

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I have Corsair HX650. At first I was satisfied with it. Then I decided to overclock my CPU, but I couldn't get my overclock stable. It was always BSODing. I thought that it was my CPU that was bad sample and because of that it couldn't overclock, but as far it worked fine at stock clocks, I didn't worry.
Yesterday I got new graphics card that was supposed to be cool. But it's max temp is 85°C.
Today I ran OCCT test and I got this picture. Is it crititcal, isn't it?

They say that Corsair is the best, but what if I go Corsair again and it is busted again?
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Yes, my PC was running fine and hasn't locked up or rebooted even once. Maybe it's a miracle

But what if it's true? Why is getting my non-reference GPU so hot? Isn't not enough voltage causing GPU overheating?
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