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My RAID0 Test Data!

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Alright guys I finally kicked the little Samsung out of my sig rig and replaced it with not one but two WD 640AAKS (640GB Blue 16MB) in RAID0. I decided to do this because while the Samsung was quiet it was a little on the slow side. I have to say that so far the difference is dramatic in the overall snappiness of general usage.

I didn't have any HD Tune data for a Raptor or Velociraptor so I'll be using a Legit Reviews article. Source

Here we go:

Samsung Spinpoint 320GB

x2 Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB in 128KB RAID0 (ICH10R)


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Yey your setup is almost exactly the same as my WD 2x 320AAKS in speed ^^
First benchies I've seen with the WD640s in RAID 0. I was very curious how fast they were since so many people are reccomending them. Do you have writeback cache enabled? if not try it and rebench.

Just for comparison here are 2x500Gb Seagate 7200.12 RAID 0 WB Cache enabled.
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