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My RAM settings wrong?

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I'm testing the max speed of my RAM and I put it at 205 mhz. The computer doesn't boot up when I have the RAM set to manual settings but it does when I have it set to auto settings. So I'm thinking maybe the setings are wrong but when I went to test the max fsb speed, the opposite happened. I could only get the computer to loadup at 280 mhz with a 133 divider only when the settings are put to manual. If the settings are set to auto, the computer doesn't bootup. What's going on here??? Here's a shot of the RAM settings from CPUZ on auto at 205 fsb. How should I go about fine tuning this?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

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I built this sytem up for a buddy who is on a really tight budget so I can't go the route of getting better RAM unfortunately. I'll try putting the CAS at 3 but the thing I'm really curious about is why there is a difference when I switch the setting from manual to auto or vice versa...
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