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My Razer Carcharias headphones review...

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Just need to add to this post a little if i may...

I just bought these razer carcharias headphones today and got home and gamed with them for about 6hrs and all i can say is WOW, i can't believe how much difference there is between my logitech walmart headphones and these... Price aside (which i would pay again without hesitation after trying these out) These are insane for gaming... I only play COD4 and in the last 6hrs i have heard sounds i have never even heard in this game! Actually hearing foot steps very well with someone using dead silence is crazy, and if they aren't using dead silence, forget about it, they are in my sights with a bloody ending... You can hear shots fired very pronounced completely across the maps, and know exactly which direction they came from! These razer carcharias headphones are super comfortable even after 6 strait hours of game play, and even sound good with rap music as well... Great bass reproduction. And EXTREAMLY light weight to boot... I can't believe i have went this long without a good gaming headset and will never buy a cheap pair again... I am uber happy with my purchase even considering the cost of these and i highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nice head set under $100! This is all with my onboard sound on my asus m3a79-t mobo, i can't imagine it getting any better, but i think i am going to sooner or later buy a good sound card just to see if there is any difference between a dedicated sound card with these and the stock onboard sound.

Well, there is my 2 pennies... And again, i DO highly recommend them!
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try Left 4 dead with it since zombies comes from all over the place.
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screw that, that would probably scare the crap out of me LOL
More on this to come when i get me a dedicated sound card...

Originally Posted by BADFASTBUSA View Post
screw that, that would probably scare the crap out of me LOL
don't be scared, shoot them.
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You need a sound card!

Wonder how they stack up against my ATH-A700's?
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