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My review of: Enchanted Arms

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Hey fellow oc'rs,

Just figured id go ahead and give you guys a small review of the game in case you were thinking about buying it

In my opinion this is not a true "next-gen" game the graphics can easily be done on the original x box, that said, it does not take away from the fun of this game and the unique story. You have the ability to create and use creatures called "golems", who in turn battle beside you, they do different things, some of them heal, some give you more armor for a bit, etc etc. It takes place after the golem wars which happened thousands of years ago, when all the golems went mad and started wreaking havoc everywhere, killing all they saw, then one day they all just stopped functioning, so the humans rebuilt their cities. Now 1000years later they have re awoken thanks to our main character, who's arm is stronger then the other "enchanters" (a weak form of magic humans use since magic was lost), anyway he has the power to negate things he touches with that arm.

Over all graphics i give a 7/10, it had some good cutscenes
Story ill give a 8/10 kept me intrigued
Gameplay is a grid system which is TONS of fun, you can even pull off combos when the meter is full i give that a 10/10

Theres over 50hrs of gameplay if you play it to the fullest, so dont pass this one up!

PS. There is gay person in the beginning which i wasnt to fond of, thankfully he doesnt stick around for to long haha.



I recently returned this game before finishing it, it gets very repetitive, keep that in mind. The sotry may be enough to keep people going however.
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