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My Review of Soviet Assault

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Soviet Assault is the continuation to World in Conflict. It allow's the player to play as NATO/USA and as CCCP something which I felt lacked in the original World in Conflict from the very beginning. The game was contininously delayed with many release dates planned for 2008 but those release's never materialized. An important note: In order to properly play Soviet Assault you must ensure that the game is patched to 1.01. This patch is roughly 1GB in size and must be downloaded and applied before the game can be played with Soviet Assault. This is a burden and an utter waste of time because the game itself did not come bundled with it which would have allowed me to play the game right away and not have to wait to download and apply the patch. Also taking this into consideration on March 10th Soviet Assault was officially released in North America but very few people were able to actually obtain the complete edition. A few days later same situation exists as I write this review as I have called many major retailers in the area and none of them having Soviet Assault or even listing it.Because a PC game review is a review the reviewer must be able to obtain a copy immediately to properly review the game and to present a fair opinion to those considering the game.Upon launching the game there is an interesting information box that states there is a new patch available. This is a great feature that always pops up before launching the game. With worldinconflict there was no such feature available to my knowledge and it was confusing finding the patches.When we launch the game we are greeted with the same introduction movie as present in World in Conflict but it has the SOVIET ASSAULT text added. Otherwise there are no new user interface changes or adjustments. The main difference is that you are greeted with a launcher window that also verifies you're key and states whether it is valid and if it isn't that you need a valid key to be able to play multiplayer.The first mission of Soviet Assault of course requires you to start a new campaign and is in Berlin during 1989. All in all there is about six new missions to play as the Soviet's some of which bear a resemblance to missions from the game Operation Flashpoint. The missions themselves can be challenging especially certain ones but the majority of the missions require you to play as USA/NATO while few missions allow you to play as the Soviet Union. Before the release of Soviet Assault there were numerous trailers trying to showcase Soviet Assault as being revolutionary and as a fresh change for World in Conflict. It brought nothing new to World in Conflict other than a small batch of Soviet missions. The majority of unrealistic inaccuracies remained , there were no new units introduced , no new user interface , and no significant changes. All in all Soviet Assault is not worth purchasing nor is it worth even trying out. It's not hard to see why few retailers even have the game while the majority of them don't have it. If you want to play a game worth while I recommend something else other than Soviet Assault.

The Good
- Great graphics
- Smooth fps overall
- Uncomplicated UI
- Interesting missions for Soviet's

The Bad
- High amount of inaccuracy in realism
- Soviet Propaganda inaccurate
- Few Soviet Missions
- Soviet Missions should have had new campaign
- Forced to download major patch in order to play Soviet Assault

Overall Ranking 5/10. - Not worth purchasing.

The Bottom Line: If you already own World in Conflict Soviet Assault is not a worthwhile purchase. If you are new to the series I suggest getting World in Conflict Complete Edition simply because you no longer can purchase World in Conflict Stand Alone and World in Conflict Complete Edition is the only bundle sold from the WiC series as of today.

Media (From First Soviet Mission , Berlin 1989):

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Good review, I was thinking of buying this but even metacritic only has 2 reviews. Sounds like I'm not missing out on much since I already own WIC.

Side note: On steam, wic used to cost $30 (I bought it a couple weeks ago). Now, wic isn't available, only the whole pack for $30. The expansion is $20 by itself.
So, worth buying the whole thing if you're new to wic, probably not worth it for the expansion alone.

Oh, and break it up into a few paragraphs, makes it easier to read.
nice review.

i'll probably buy it anyways, when it's cheaper, just to have it on Steam.

shame that they really blew this chance - i was expecting a lot from this. WiC was really great
I'm planning on further revising this review so it's not quite final as of yet. There are still some points I'd like to make and some ingame action I'd like to include as well.
Bump, nice review and very informative; especially for those who already have the game.
For those who don't, go get it
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+Rep. This was a very helpful review; informative and to the point. It looks like I won't be getting the game after all. Also, might I suggest using paragraphs and spacing after periods. The review would be much easier to read and won't like an intimidating wall of text.
Have you played the first WiC and can you compare Soviet Assault to the original?

I'm very interested in it, because I liked WiC single-player campaign very much.

Originally Posted by metala
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Have you played the first WiC and can you compare Soviet Assault to the original?

I'm very interested in it, because I liked WiC single-player campaign very much.


Yes I have played the first World in Conflict. A comparison between World in Conflict and Soviet Assault would not generate exponentially higher reviews. Even though I did enjoy playing World in Conflict's single player I am a realism fanatic and the realism inaccuracies really spoiled it for me. Overall though World in Conflict is a much better purchase than Soviet Assault (which is the reason why I bought the first WiC). I enjoy games that accurately represent factions with their proper weaponry , equipment , hardware etc... WiC did not portray the Soviet Union accurately especially with military hardware. Being a realism fanatic and also a military guru that deducts serious points for me. If you omit those points and the ocassional propaganda and 'intrusions into USSR' its overall a great game. Soviet Assault does not compare to the original WiC.
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