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My Sig Is Now Full Of Win

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If my fingers hadnt slipped on the spacebar...

"I'm on my dad's [space] computer, it's really slow"

it was more like...

[OCN] MarineRevenge: l4d soon?
DarkNite(o_O): im on my dad
DarkNite(o_O): s pc, no l4d
[OCN] MarineRevenge: your WHAT
DarkNite(o_O): LOL
[OCN] MarineRevenge: ohhh
DarkNite(o_O): on his slower PC
[OCN] MarineRevenge: ok
DarkNite(o_O): lol
[OCN] MarineRevenge: btw
DarkNite(o_O): im dling TF2
[OCN] MarineRevenge: im sigging that ****
[OCN] MarineRevenge:

DarkNite(o_O): NOOOOOO
DarkNite(o_O): LOOL
[OCN] MarineRevenge: LOL
DarkNite(o_O): HAHAHAHAh
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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