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My Tablet Laptop?

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How much you think Everything listed in System specs.
One lil wrong the screen woobles just a tad but that is all

Comes with everything AC and Pen
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Originally Posted by Conley View Post
Hmm. I'd say $675.
Mk Any others want to try to shoot a deal
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Sorry to bring up such a old thread but would like to know more I would ship it with a carrying bag with charger.
Hard one to appraise, but I'd say $600, whilst you can get a normal style laptop of the same specs for half that price, tablets tend to go for a lot more
I'd say $600 would be a decent price for that tabled (including shipping)
600 tops nowadays.

tablets arent that popular anymore, but the processor is nice so you can still get a fair amount for it
Need your guys help I want to sell and buy the new asus eee laptop which has the ion and dual core atom? Even thou I use this computer alot in tablet mode to take notes in school
got any images of this ? condition ? say if in good condition looking at around £450-£500
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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