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My Wcing build

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Ok I think I have everything planed out now to see what you all think about it. Im going with the swiftech Mcp-655, the D-tek fuzion V2, 4 Yate Lone 120mm Fans 88cfm fans,mcw60 for the GPu and for rad, I’m going to us a heater core that is 9 1/2 by 7 1/2 by 2 inches. Making my own shroud for the rad. to do a push/pull. Also I’m going to be moding the heat sink that is already on the 8800Gt to fit around the mcw60 and use it to keep the mem and mos cool. I plan to oc it as high as i can get it. can’t wait b/c right now if I oc it to 3ghz with no volt change my temps go sky high to the point my comp with just shut off while running intel burn test. Well let me know what you think and if you think it will keep it cool. Thanks
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I've used the swiftech mcp-655 (on current rig) and mcw-60 (on current rig, on ati 4870).

I can say that I like both of them, the pump seems to work well with 3/8" ID tubing that I am using, and my temps idle w/mcw-60 are 38*C which is about 20*C cooler than the stock sapphire heatsink/fan.

As far as the heater core I can't comment if that is better or worse - I wouldn't know. I have used the Swiftech MCR220 120.2MM radiator in a push/pull setup and I am very happy with it.

As far as cpu blocks, I've used the DD MC-TDX, Swiftech Apogee GTZ, and OCZ Hydroflow. On my i7 setup, the DD MC-TDX slightly outperformed the Apogee GTZ (obviously, not a scientific comparison - just my personal system & setup). OCZ block on my AMD chip is still there - oddly enough I really like it. D-Tek is next on my list to try, as I have no experience yet but have heard great things. Yate Loon are good fans from what I've been told by others, although I personally chose Scythe.

Either way, good luck and I like that you are doing some custom work to make it all fit. You will be satisfied when it is all said and done. If you're putting this setup on the rig in your sig - I would expect you should have similar (if not better) temps than what I get.


Overclocked AMD 7750be @ 3.0ghz
Overclocked ATI 4870 1gb @ 825mhz core & 1025mhz memory

IDLE Cpu at 16*C
LOAD Cpu at ~23*C

IDLE GPU at 38*C
LOAD GPU at 40-41*C
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yea its going on my current rig. I hope so right now my gpu is in the 50-60s at idle with a 700mhz core and 950mhz mem. so if i can get it cooler ill try oc it some more to. Im going to try and to make it to where my old heat sink stays on with whe water cooler for the gpu like the uni-sinks. just got to do some modds to it it going to be fun. the only sad part is the down time. but it will all be worth it in the end i hope.
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