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I thought i would post some pics of my trip up to North England walking up Kinder Scout.

This is near enough the starting point of my journey. I will be walking as high as the hills to the distance but through the valley first to the left.

This is a shot of the start of the valley that i went walking up. You can see the track hugging the right side with Kinder Scout in the distance.

A quick shot of where i came from at the bottom of the valley.

Picture of me 1/4 of the way up the valley.

Another pic but in the distance there are some rocks that i had to climb up to get to the top.

A pic of me climbing those rocks

And again

View from the top


Once at the top the landscape is nothing i had experienced. The ground was soft and spongy and i sometimes sank. The soil was pete and the whole area was filled with holes where the water had removed the soil. As seen in this pic.

And this one.

Here is me standing a bit weirdly at the bottom of one of the dug out pete areas.

We decended through the water course which was great fun.

Start time: Sat 11am
Finished: 3.45pm
Took 1hr 15mins to get to the top.

And that was my weekend that i wanted to share with you guys.


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woooo kinder scout not to far from me
i like the Peak District

we studied it in Geography, didnt get to do the walking though, good job

nice pics too, your camera pretty much does the area justice, some great views when on top of the hills. did you go up Mam Tor?
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