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My windows experience index is low..

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Hey guys,

I just installed my intel x25-m ssd g2 and i got a 7.5 in disk, but somehow my graphics went down to 6.0.. What happened? My score was 7.6 last time. I installed the newest drivers as well. Can anyone help me?

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Try to run it again, my GPU gfx score was 1.0 one time I ran it, rebooted and ran again it was back up to 7.3
I did it like 3 times =/. What is going on?
It just makes me sad lol. I was happy I got my hard drive score from 5.9 to 7.5 and somehow my gfx score went down. what the ?
I wouldn't worry about it unless you're experiencing problems in real-world applications.
THanks guys. All I needed to know =].
That thing is a friggin joke. If it was possible to accurately measure gpu performance without running actually running any graphics tests, then why do all the one's we all use actually generate 2d and/or 3d images and measure framerates and such? It's because you can't measure gpu performance without actually testing it.

I only get a 5.8, and look at my rig ... I think I get as much of 'the experience' as you're going to get ... although perhaps I need like 4 SSD's in RAID-0 in order to get the highest possible score on that stupid thing.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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