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So as the title says my timer seems to be off. I started noticing audio hitching and annying stuttering in games after which i used the windows timer tester program and it shows that my query performance frequency is actually 10.00000mhz which i can't find anywhere online and my ratio also stays at 0.9999 well after the counter hits 100 which means that something is off and this only started happening after the latest big windows update
Before this my frequency was around 3.4mhz and my ratio was on point staying at 1.0000 as the counter hit 100 and after searching for timer frequencies i found this post that lists timers adn their frequencies:

So this is all i have,enabling HPET is the only thing that changes my timer from 10mhz to 14mhz but i don't want to use HPET as it degrades performance on my PC.
Did anyone else have this problem ever ? If yes is there a fix to this ?
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