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[MyOpera]Opera 9.64

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We released 9.64 today. This release is a recommended security upgrade for all those running the latest stable releases.

Starting with this release, Opera on Windows supports the security measures "Data Execution Prevention (DEP)" (available in Windows XP SP2 and newer) and "Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)" (available in Vista and newer).

These security measures are a kind of second line of defence once an application runs into a serious fault, which would normally cause it to crash sooner or later. Of course that should just not happen in the first place, but you can never completely rule out programming errors. Depending on the exact nature of the fault, an attacker can sometimes exploit it and try to take over your system. DEP and ASLR make that a lot harder.

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Nice, I never pay attention to updates unless they are on here. Thanks!!
Nice I love opera.. I will be updating
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Awesome, I'm going to have three browsers to play with now!

Thanks for the heads up!
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