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Mystery Socket A Cpu

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hey guys,

i didn't feel like installing this cpu on my mobo to find its specs. I figured i'd let the experts take a gander and see what they could tell me. it says on the CPU something along the lines of A0950AMT3B. I can't see the stepping or other codes since this thermal paste is in the way. also, what do you guys use to remove this stuff off without scratching the cpu? thanks! merry xmas
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Just use some rubbing alcohol to remove the thermal paste. We will be able to tell what CPU it is from the other codes.
Edit:Found it though --- here
Dang beat me to it lol
its a speed king install it noW!!!!

Originally Posted by Ace of Spades View Post
its a speed king install it noW!!!!
Its a weapon lol
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seriously? because the problem is, i can't install a CPU under 1.0ghz on this mobo and my other mobo (an ecs) is total crap and can't OC a damn thing.

thanks for the help though
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