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N Router and AP

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(time warner cable internet)

I need a new router and an access point that's approximately 55 feet away. Are the benefits of N routers worth the price? I don't mind buying N adapters for my computers if I'll be getting a steady, fast, and stable connection.

So far, I'm looking at the D-Link DIR-655, but not sure about the AP yet.

Also, are USB wireless adapters worth it, or will I see a greater performance with actual single slot card? (for desktop)
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Theoretically, 802.11 g is good for up to 300ft, but that all gos out the window when you throw in walls and what not. 802.11 n is faster and supposedly more resistant to interference. So if you are doing a lot of work over wireless within your network, N is the way to go. But you probably will not see any difference in internet connectivity. You can pick up a quality N adapter for less than a some G models so I would look around. If you just need a WAP to get to the internet stick with G and save some cash on not having to get adapters.
I just recently upgrade to a wnr3500 (N draft) by netgear. My previous router was a wtg624 (G). My router is in the basement to keep signal from spreading outwards too far,ground absorbs signal like mad, but my friend is still able to pick up signal across the street on his second floor. However with the G the signal is on and off, but with the N it's solid at 3+ bars constantly and he now also picks up signal all around his house. If you have $70 get I'd recommend what I'm using.

As for the receiver, usb adapters work fine and they typically come with a usb cable to reposition the adapter where signal is best. If this is a desktop your talking about and running an ethernet wire isn't too hard for you, then do that instead.
Thanks, well I'm looking for very good stability without interference. Right now I'm using the G54 airstation buffalo routers, but my internet always dips and kicks out frequently.

If this was for normal internet usage it's fine, but I'd like to be able to play games or stream online content without problems.

My routers are actually quite decent I think (WBR2-G54), but with all the walls here, there's definitely a ton of signal blockage. The computer directly connected gets from 15-20mbps, while any computer connected to the AP 55 feet away (probably 6-7 walls or so) gets .5-5mbps (but connection kicks out all the time).
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