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n00b + first build

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hi I'm new here a n00b at overclocking
seen my brother and mates do it all the time so i was like why not go and give it a try so, i took my bros old parts bought some new parts and wallah i have a custom PC lol haven't overclocked it yet going to have to get my brother to help me do it.

anyway any help will be appreciated and ill do my best to help out as well feel free to correct my mistakes

nice one guys XD
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Hey welcome!
You should be able to get some good yield from that DFI mobo, they have all kinds of bios goodies.
yeah, welcome man! hope you enjoy ocn, as well as learning to overclock! nice first rig as well.
btw do you really have no case? COOL!
lol yup no case n honestly i look a look in my BIOS and was like ******* HELL what do i do n here are a few picture
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Originally Posted by D3TH.GRUNT View Post
dang, that looks ghetto!
But it works and there are a few in OCN who have a lot of setups like this. I have even seen folders Farms running out of cases...it works.

Chuck D

Work stations
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folder farms whats that?
folding farms are when you have a bunch of pc's folding, you can read more about folding in the [email protected] section
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Welcome to OCN
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hmm i think ill give it a go, oh yeh thanks for all the welcomes
Hi and welcome. I also am new to ocn and these peeps have helped me tremendously. GHETTO FTW. Looks better than my first one, but then again yours is running, mine didn't.
serious you ever figured out what happened? oh n thanks for the welcome
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