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n00b needs help with 2x2GB 2GHz Micron D timings on BlackOps

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Just for clarification, the n00b I refer to in the title is me. Also, not being sure whether this could be a mobo-specific issue, BIOS-specific, or RAM-specific issue, I posted in the General section. Mods, if you don't think it belongs here, I'm sorry and tow my ass if you need to.

Anyone have experience with these chips on the BlackOps X48 motherboards or any other X48? I have the OCZ Flex EX 2x2GB PC3-16000, and as per OCZ, here is the information they gave me on what chip it uses...


Micron D die MT31288201066DHXU

They are supposed to default to 1066, needed for mobo compatibility.

I've heard of D9GTR's and more specific Micron Chips, but I'm lost as to which I have here, as the rep has simply listed "Micron D." Also, should this be one of the modules we need to flash the SPD for in order for it to work properly? I'm having trouble getting it to work anywhere near 2GHz at rated timings of 8-8-8-30 2T 88-92tRFC. As I get towards 1900 and above, I get beeping 54 and sometimes when I cold start after that, I can at least get to the memtest boot, at which point the computer just spits out errors like back when I tried to compile my first C++ code....

I know the CSX Diablo 2x2GB are recommended as the 2x2 to try to use at higher freq's on our boards, and I thought that was because they used D9GTR's, right? Well, anyone here have experience properly getting those 2x2's close to or at 2000MHz with rated timings?

I know this board does 500+FSB with this dual, so I know that isn't the issue, and it seems the memory is the one not playing nice, but I wasn't sure if there was some other physical limitation on the X48 that would keep the RAM from running 2x2 @ 2GHz. I know plenty of people have had luck at 2GHZ and beyond when going 1x1, and I've heard people have gotten there with 2x2's as well, but the info is severely limited.

And I know that a couple of these questions are things that should be posed first and foremost to Foxconn, but trying to get help on an aging BlackOps board is like trying to score dope at the police station.
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If I'm not mistaken there are no micron chips on the 2gb sticks. They were only on the 1gb. That doesn't make any sense.
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